The bungalow viewed from the road, with Richard's car parked in the driveway

Waney Elm is the name of the bungalow that Hyacinth and Richard own and live in. The address of the property, which can be seen in the opening titles on an invitation to one of Hyacinth's Candlelight Supper's, is 117 Blossom Avenue.

As with many things in her life, Hyacinth is very protective over her home. This can be seen whenever somebody enters the building, as they are asked by Hyacinth to remove their shoes. In one episode, Hyacinth is Alarmed, Hyacinth states, "under no circumstances do I allow alien shoes on my Herringbone woodblock or my Grade One Axminster. It's a house rule". Also, Hyacinth is unimpressed with people brushing against her walls, as can be seen in the episode, What to Wear When Yachting, when a tradesman arrives at the house to adjust Hyacinth's television set: "Can I come in? If you promise not to brush against my walls. They have recently been redecorated up to and beyond British standards."

The property boasts two bedrooms, a garage and a large garden in the front and the rear, the former being attended to by Richard on a regular basis, usually at the request of Hyacinth.

Neighbouring properties include that of Elizabeth's right next door to the Bucket's, and the Barker-Finches, who live at 23 Blossom Avenue.