Violet is Hyacinth's sister and Bruce's wife played by Anna Dawson.

Basic Info
Gender Female
Occupation(s) Housewife
Portrayed by Anna Dawson
Parents Daddy (Father)
Sibling(s) Hyacinth (Sister), Daisy (Sister), Rose (Sister)
Spouse(s) Bruce
Nieces and Nephews Stephanie (Niece), Sheridan (Nephew)
Other Relatives Richard (Brother-in-law), Onslow (Brother-in-law)
First Appearance The Riverside Picnic
Last Appearance The Pageant

Appearances  Edit

  • The Riverside Picnic
  • Skis
  • A Barbecue at Violet's
  • The Pageant

Background  Edit

Violet is very sensitive and constantly moaning. She and Bruce own large house with Mercedes, swimming pool, sauna and room for a pony. She also enjoys travelling. Her maiden name is Walton, as is Hyacinth's and Daisy's, although her married surname is never revealed.

In the episode, The Pageant, Bruce mentions that he and Violet have several unnamed children when Violet threatens to leave him ("You can't leave me! Oh come back to me Violet! Think of the scandal! The children! The alimony!")