The Pageant
Season -, Episode -
Air date 25 December 1995
Written by Roy Clarke
Directed by Harold Snoad
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The Hostess


Hyacinth and Richard arrive at the Church hall as Hyacinth organises a Pageant based on the English Civil War, with herself as Queen Henrietta Maria and Richard as Charles I. However, all of the volunteers supposedly taking part are unable to make it. At a last minute attempt to get the show off the ground, Hyacinth invites Onslow (to be a Roundhead), Daisy and Rose along with Bruce and Violet to participate. Later in rehearsals, however, Hyacinth falls foul of a stage accident.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit


Vicar:  "It was just a bump on the head, Mrs Bucket".
Hyacinth:  "Tell God it's Bouquet!".


  • This was the final episode of Keeping Up Appearances.
  • The Dutch title for this episode is "Het toneelstuk".

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