Mrs Donaghue appears in Series 5 Episode 2: The Mayor's Fancy Dress Ball. She has recently moved into a house on a nearby street to the Buckets; a much larger and more expensive house. According to Hyacinth she is from a wealthy family who have a large preservative business called 'Prockter's Pickles'. Already on 'nodding terms' with her, Hyacinth is determined to become further acquainted to advance her own meagre social standing.

She attends to do so firstly by 'going for a walk' with Richard along the next street, when all they do is walk back and forth past Mrs Donaghue's house in hope of catching her attention, Richard refers to this as 'sentry duty'. This plan fails. Later on whilst on their way to attending the Mayor's fancy dress ball, Mrs Donaghue sees Hyacinth dressed in a Boudicca costume pushing the car (which had broken down). Hyacinth attempts to converse with her, however she quickly retreats into her house as to avoid being seen talking to her. Before she goes inside, Onslow, Daisy and Rose pass and offer Richard and Hyacinth a lift, Mrs Douaghe learning that they are their relatives.


She appears only in this episode and is not mentioned again


Mrs Donaghue is placed by Jean Harvey