Miss Pillsworth and Miss Pillsworth are two elderly spinster sisters that appear in the series 5 episode 'Skis'. They are from a well do to family, their late father having been a Colonel.


Impressed by the fact that a well to do family drive with Skis on their car, Hyacinth buys Richard a pair for his birthday; not planning for them to actually use them but rather to display on the car to that people would think they could afford to go on ski trips. Skis in tow, the Buckets set of the borrow a ski rack from Violet's house. On the way they pass the two Miss Pillsworths and despite the lack of space in the car and the fact that both dislike Hyacinth and are reluctant to travel with her, manage to pursade the two women to take a lift. Wanting to impress as always, Hyacinth takes them on a 'detour' to Violet's house so that she can brag about Violet's wealth. However when they arrive they find Violet and Bruce in the middle of a violent row; Violet throwing Bruce's clothes and belongs outside. Not wanting the Miss Pillsworths to witness this Hyacinth orders Richard to take them for a drive around the neighbourhood. They later manage to escape. Hyacinth however is oblivious in that she must pursade Violet not to divorce Bruce; not for Violet's wellbeing of course but so she can continue bragging about Violet to those she is trying to impress.

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