Michael is the vicar of Hyacinth's parish, and, like most, is terrified of Hyacinth, doing his best to avoid her, often unsuccessfully. Moreover, he often forgets that Hyacinth prefers her last name to be pronounced "bouquet" and addresses her as "Mrs. Bucket". (When discussing Hyacinth with his wife, they frequently refer to her as "the Bucket woman".) He is called "that dishy vicar" by Hyacinth's sister Rose, who often pursues him, much to the anger of his jealous wife. The vicar being wrongly accused of having affairs with Rose or other women is a recurring gag in the series, as well as breaking whatever he is holding when his wife mentions her, or in one episode, while on an exercise pedal bicycle, pedaling faster, as if to escape. The Vicar gives Hyacinth, Richard, Onslow, Daisy, Rose, and the dog a lift after Onslow's car breaks down. Michael first appears in the Season 1 Episode 'The New Vicar', where Hyacinth invites him and his wife to her house for "tea and light refreshments". Traumatised by their experience, Michael goes on to fear Hyacinth, referring to her as "The Bucket Woman" when she is not around. Of all the major characters in the series Michael is the one who has the most difficulty remembering to call Hyacinth "Bouquet", not "Bucket". Moreoever, on par with other characters, Michael goes out of his way to avoid Hyacinth, often going to drastic measures. Whilst he dislikes Hyacinth, Michael is on good terms with Richard, most likely due to the fact that like his fellow characters, he feels sorry for him.

Relationship with other characters Edit

Michael appears to be on generally good terms with the other major characters.

He is friendly towards Onslow and Daisy; however, he is rather intimidated by Rose due to her promiscuous nature. Rose, on the other hand, is attracted to Michael, referring to him as "Hyacinth's dishy vicar".

He appears to be friends with Emmet, most likely due to the fact that they both share an intense fear and dislike of Hyacinth. For example, in the Series 5 Episode 'A Barbeque at Violet's', Elizabeth tells Emmet that Michael will be at the barbeque and they can both give each other "moral support". In the same episode, Michael's wife finds him hiding from Hyacinth with Emmet and 3 young girls under the stage in the church hall; the girls were cast members in Emmet's rehearsal of 'The Boyfriend

Keeping Up Appearances character
Reverend Michael Partridge
Age 1990-1995 - 34-39
Job Vicar
Actor Jeremy Gittins
First The New Vicar
Last The Pageant