Delia Wheelright is another unseen rival of Hyacinth. Her rivalry with Hyacinth forms the central plot for the episode 'How to go on holiday without really trying'.

Holiday to the CaribbeanEdit

At the beginning of the above episode, Hyacinth is talking to Delia Wheelright on the phone. We do not hear the other side of the conversation, but it is revealed that the former is going on an expensive holiday to the Caribbean. Although she does not express it on the telephone, Hyacinth is greatly put out by this and sets out to better her.

Holiday BrochuresEdit

Hyacinth drags Richard into town to visit some travel agencies; but not those catering for the 'Spaghetti and trips Brigade'. Of course the Buckets cannot afford to pay for any of the expensive holidays, however Hyacinth takes a handful of brochures including those for the 'Orient Express' and the QE2 (a trip which they later take in the 1994 Christmas Special). On the way home, Hyacinth deliberately drops the brochures out of the car window infront of some friends of Delia Wheelright, in the hope that they will see the brochures and the news gets back to her that Hyacinth is going on an expensive holiday. As usual the plan comes to nothing as the friends in question take no notice. 

A further joke of this is made when she then later accidently ansers the phone as the "Brochure Residence"